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Monday, December 02, 2013

Wedding DJs Online

One of the reasons why I was not able to blog for the last four months is my laptop. It has been very "uncooperative" whenever I use it. Perhaps because it is already old and its specs can no longer accommodate my requirements for a laptop. But now that I got a new unit, I am really hopeful that I would be able to blog again as often as I used to [wink, wink]. And because I have a new unit, I am also back in web browsing [big grin]. I came across this interesting site. Rare and interesting. I have seen events organizers' websites, but this is the first time I came across a DJ Services website. If you are looking for services like this, you should checkout the raleigh wedding dj. Their website looks fun and inviting. It clearly speaks of the services they are offering. Here in the Philippines, DJs are usually part of the events organizers' services.

Hanging on by a thread

Photo Credits: BitStrip
My last post here was 4 months ago.  Oh my, that was a long time ago (sad).  I've been very busy with a lot of things at home, in our store and at work.  As much as I want to blog I never had enough time.  I have missed several blogging opportunities (sad), that is why I am very thankful whenever I see opportunities in my inbox [big grin].   I will probably share those things that happened for the last 4 months that I have been away here.  There are two types of post that you might see here - the good and inspiring stories and the not-so-good-stories [wink, wink].  I am really hopeful that I would be able to spend time on my blogging this time around.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Generic Drugs

I can't sleep so I decided to just update my blogs and do some internet browsing. Might help in putting myself to sleep, and keep my mind away from things that would only make me blue [wink, wink]. I got lots of thoughts in my head. So much to say, but I'd rather not speak of it. All I can say is, it is starting to eat me. I am hanging on. I wish to sleep, soon. In the meanwhile, let me share this new learning I got while I was trying to keep myself busy. I came across this site that speaks about atorvastatin generic. The generic name is really not familiar to me. But when I saw Lipitor, somehow rings a bell.  I have heard about Lipitor from my parents and other relatives.  And I think this is very common with the old people [big grin].  Anyway, I found this interesting information in a website called the Canadian drugstore.  It is an interesting website, especially for those who is into pharmacy :)


"Someone to hold me, The way that you do
Someone who needs me, The way I need you
Someone to show me, A way that is true
Someone to love me, The way that I love you"

I heard this song again this afternoon on tv.  This is one of my favorite songs when I was in high school.  It brought back good memories.  I used to enjoy listening to this song while riding home from school.  Back then this song means different to me.  At one point I got confused with what it means.  I was trying to understand every lyrics but I just can't relate to it I guess [big grin].  But still I like it.  Now, listening to this song is different.  Somehow it speaks of my thoughts, particularly the chorus.  It has been a long time, but it seems like yesterday.  Just like this song - an old song, yet people still remembers it like a song from last year.  I wish to have someone to hold me like you do; someone to love me true, just the way that I loved you.  But this I say to you - I will always, always remember you.  All the good times, all the good memories.  Always, always.

Local Printing

I was trying to look for a local printing vendor who can work on our store's flyers and official receipts. We are running out of flyers already and we only have 5 booklets left of our official receipt.  And while I was checking the internet, I came across this website that has all the local printers. It is like a directory of all the local printing companies.  However, they are all from the US [big grin].  Now I have to find out if there is something like this that features local printing companies here in the Philippines.  If in case I cannot find any, I will just go for the local vendors I got from my friend and from our office.  It is good to have a number of choices.  That way we can be sure that we are getting the great deal.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Photographs and Memories

These are some of the photos I love to look at over and over (and over) again [big grin].  This one right here is one of my favorites because I look thin, and I so love my hair.  The photo was taken while having a good time bonding with my nephew and niece.  That what makes this photo more special [wink].

I love this photo too.  Spending time with good, old friends.  Whenever I look at this photo I would remember the movie of Julia Roberts "Monalisa Smile".  It is up to you guys to find out why [wink, wink].  The photo might also remind you of the 3 monkeys [lol].

Playing with make up and instagram.  These photos are products of my addiction with Instagram the first time I learned about it.  My colleague introduced me to it.  And was also the one who gave me the eye brow mack up which was used in these photos.  I was trying them on.  These photos are reminder of my days while learning how to put make up on my eyes.

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