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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ski Clothing by Obermeyer

I met with my old friend a couple of weeks ago. She was on vacation here in the Philippines with her boyfriend. I was finally able to meet her boyfriend, unfortunately I was not able to ask him if he has single friends looking for a girlfriend, and maybe introduce me to them [big grin]. Anyway, we had a long chat and tried catching up for the lost times. Though we sometimes talk online, it is still fun to chat face to face [wink, wink]. She told me about her "adventure" coming here in the Philippines. The stopover they had on several countries, coming here and going back to the US. It was an adventure indeed! She also shared her stories about their vacation on the snow mountains in the US. She showed me photos too. I love the ski clothing they were wearing. Apparently, she bought them online, a few months before they went the mountains. The ski clothing was by obermeyer. I also love their boots! And she also bought them online. My friend really is a good vacation/trip planner. She plans everything well, from transportation to accommodation, and even the clothing and accessories that would make you look and feel good. She just wants to make sure that the vacation/trip will be fun and memorable.

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