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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life's Yummyness

Its weekend once again.  And it is good to be back here, blogging :)  Been busy with work last week.  My patience almost ran out.  Good thing I got friends to cheer me up and my Justin VIeBER to make me fell happy and loved {love struck}.  I also have other ways to keep me calm and sane.  There are comfort foods that provide fulfillment, literally and figuratively speaking [big grin].

Last Friday, I met with my old friends from work.  We were back in our favorite hang out spot at the THub.  It was good seeing them again.  And we are planning to get-together again next weekend at the Sienna Bar.  It has been a long time since we had our session at the Sienna Bar.  Can't wait for Saturday {win, wink}  Really looking forward to it.

After our session last Friday, my dearest called me.  I'm so happy to hear his voice.  He seemed excited and in a good mood.  I love it when he laughs and when he's sweet.  Simple yet sweet remarks, make my day complete.

Looking forward to great week at work.  More food to enjoy with my colleagues, more sessions at the Sienna Bar or at THub; and more phone calls and time to spend with my dearest (I miss u).

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