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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Jhudiel's Journal

I just found out today that one of my blogs is now inaccessible (sad).  My blog "Jhudiel's Journal" is no longer available online.  If you try to access its url you will be directed to a different site.  I am sure what happened but I am still glad that my posts are still available and accessible from the dashboard.  I guess I have to create a new one to share all those posts again online.

Seems to me that Jhudiel's Journal has been through a lot of changes from the time I created it.  It was intended to feature the story of Jhudiel and Gabriel.  It was my attempt to conquer short story writing.  Apparently a poor attempt [big grin] because I had to change it.  I turned it into a blog that features my bucket list.  For awhile I was able to update the list.  Linking every item on the list to my other blogs telling the whole story behind the fulfilled dream - whether it'd be shallow or deep, still something to remember, something to treasure and a reminder that I lived life to the fullest.

And now, here is another change that Jhudiel's Journal has to adjust with.  Since I can no longer use the URL, I have to think of another URL or a new name for this blog all together.  Re-post everything again.  All those posts I wrote from the past.  The past.  You think I should bring it all back today?  Repost them all today?  Now?  The present?  Hmmm...  Jhudiel's Journal's old posts are like memories from the past.  They used to be published, alive; but now it is inaccessible to anyone, except to me, because I can still my old posts from the dash board, because I was left with all the memories. People will forget about the old posts.  Now I just have to decide whether to repost them again and keep them alive or just leave them on the dashboard, unpublished; and just continue with what's left. I am still thinking about it.  Just wait and see [wink, wink].

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