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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas Party#1

Last Thursday night we had our Christmas party.  This is my first time with the new company I am working with now.  Sharing here some of our photos.

These photos here were taken at the reception of our office while we are waiting for the shuttle service to pick us up and bring us to the venue where the party will be held. The ladies are my colleagues from the Help Desk Team.  The only torn among the roses is my teammate and also the pretty lady in the middle; our team is the Procurement and Logistics team.  And we all belong to the same division, the Operations Division. 

Here are a couple of photos taken at Club Mwah.  This is our team - my boss with the three marias (that's us!? [big grin] and the torn among the marias [lol]; with one of the managers.

This is also my first time to participate and be part of a dance presentation [shameful][big grin][blushing].  I really don't like dancing; I don't know how to.  I'd rather sing than dance.  But since this presentation thing has been a tradition every Christmas, and I'm sure our company is not the only one who has this tradition, I had to cooperate - and enjoy this "first" experience.

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