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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pink Dress at Pois Belly & Kids

Bought a new dress today from Pois Belly & Kids. This was my first time to buy from this clothes store, and I am glad I learned about it. They got a nice selection of dresses and blouses. I actually saw the dress last Friday night when I met with one of my business partners in Trinoma. It was a blue dress with small, white heart prints on it. I never had a chance to try it on because it was already late and I might miss the train.  I don't want to take the bus; I don't want to walk far and it is all dark on the way to the bus stop.  And so this afternoon I went back to Landmark Trinoma to buy the blue dress.  However, the dress is not on the clothes rack anymore.  And when I asked the sales lady she said that the last stock was with a customer at the fitting room (sad face).  Good thing the sales lady told me about their store at the ground floor (near Chowking).  I went there and look for the blue dress. Yey!  It is still available.  I tried it on and it looked really nice on me.

When I left the fitting room I was sure I am going to buy the blue dress.  But when I went back to the racks of dresses, I saw this floral printed dress with a pink collar [big grin].  I tried it on and it looks better on me compared to the blue dress!  Now I am confused [lol].  Then I thought I already have a blue dress so it would be best if I buy a different color this time [happiness][confusion's gone][shopping dilemma solved].

In short, I bought a pink floral dress today and not the blue dress.  Oh and I got some funny things I noticed with this shopping experience - first, I never thought that there was a Pois Belly & Kids at the SM Megamall Atrium.  I had to go all the way back to Landmark Trinoma to buy the dress; which was supposed to be blue but turned out that I like the pink one most.  Apparently, Pois Belly & Kids have branches all over Metro Manila.  When I checked their FB page, they got shops on the provinces as well.  And finally, look at the Pois tag - it says "Pois for tweens & teens".  It is quite amazing that my clothes size is available on this shop with a phrase "for tweens & teens" on its tag line; and I am really happy about it.  Somehow makes me feel I am not that old yet and I can still fit on a tweens & teens dress [happiness].  Pois Belly & Kids is now on my favorite stores list [wink, wink].

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