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Saturday, January 26, 2013


It weekend! Finally.  It was really a week field with mixed-emotions.  Stressful yet full of good surprises.  I had one stressful encounter with one of my clients at work.  There are some things she said that I think are unnecessary.  Snide remarks that really got me.  I was really affected of what she said.  I was mad and shaking while I was talking to her.  Good thing we have this online communicator and I was talking to my colleague from the other group, who is working with me on the project.  And I was also able to share it with my team mates.  They over heard my phone call.  The following day they told me to inform our boss about it.  And as usual, my boss gave comforting advise and assurance that he got my back in case the client will escalate my case to the higher power [big grin].  Anyway, that was the not-so-fun experience, now the fun and surprising highlight of the week was when my boss called me for a one on one meeting.  While walking to the meeting room I was wondering what was it about, because we usually have group meetings and not one on one.  I'm so glad that it was good news.  He discussed with me my new rate after the performance evaluation.  And it was not bad considering that I just joined the company [wink].  Anyway, there are a couple more things that happened but I won't share them here [big grin].  But let me tell you this, the things I have been through last week made me realize/confirm a couple of things - I should not trust anyone too much, not even your good friends; and only me can help myself.

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