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Friday, June 28, 2013

Recording Studios

Last weekend I was able to visit a recording studio with my friend. We are planning to rent a studio where we can sing and play our hearts out [big grin].  The guys wanted to try singing and playing in a real studio.  Perhaps they are no longer enjoying "the balcony" where we usually do our stuff.  Anyway, I was surprised by the instruments I saw inside the studio.  All that instruments and sound equipment are inspiring.  They made us excited for the practice.  I saw familiar brands of guitars, a couple of drum sets (I personally like the red one), the yamaha dgx640 and the microphones are awesome [big grin].  It actually made me wonder why there are some singers who have preference in microphones.  While I was feasting my eyes on the instruments, my friend was also having the time of his "musical life" looking at the equipment available in the studio.  Hopefully, we would be able to practice next weekend.  There are still a couple of studios that we want to check before we decide.

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