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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Travel, Passports and Online Transactions

I filed a vacation leave request a few weeks ago. I need to renew my passport. The appointment was made on line and all the things or requirements you need to bring are all listed on the website. There are also tips and guides which are really helpful.  Another good change that happened with passport application are the satellite offices located at the major malls in Manila.  These offices made passport application./renewal convenient.  I am still yet to discover how this offices works.  Hopefully, they are not just convenient in terms of location, but also on the whole process itself.  Anyway, looking at things now, you can already say that all of the things nowadays are done or can be done online.  Everything are available online! [wink, wink].  I saw a website that features passports for education or student travel 2014 which is really for group of students.  Selling and buying are also becoming more prominent online.  I even saw a local commercial about of the sites where buying and selling happens.  In anyway, doing things only is convenient, but let us not forget that other side of it.  There are also a list of disadvantages that goes with it, that we should not ignore.

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