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Monday, August 05, 2013

Generic Drugs

I can't sleep so I decided to just update my blogs and do some internet browsing. Might help in putting myself to sleep, and keep my mind away from things that would only make me blue [wink, wink]. I got lots of thoughts in my head. So much to say, but I'd rather not speak of it. All I can say is, it is starting to eat me. I am hanging on. I wish to sleep, soon. In the meanwhile, let me share this new learning I got while I was trying to keep myself busy. I came across this site that speaks about atorvastatin generic. The generic name is really not familiar to me. But when I saw Lipitor, somehow rings a bell.  I have heard about Lipitor from my parents and other relatives.  And I think this is very common with the old people [big grin].  Anyway, I found this interesting information in a website called the Canadian drugstore.  It is an interesting website, especially for those who is into pharmacy :)

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